Emily & Richard

Since moving to Los Angeles, and making my business bi-coastal, I knew that I had to be especially thoughtful in the clients I would take on. I met Emily and Richard briefly in Dumbo to discuss their wedding and instantly I knew there was an ease to their relationship that I was so drawn to. They were also the first couple whose wedding I photographed since getting married myself. This made the day especially emotional for me, even though I was just the photographer!

Hearing their family and closest friends speak about their relationship while in the backyard of Emily’s childhood home, made for one of the most intimate services I have photographed in the last 6 years of being a photographer. I am truly grateful for having been a witness to not only their love, but to the incredible support system they have to carry them through the best and worst of life. Cheers to them…and to Norfolk, Long Island (that sunset!)


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