Kayla & Mal

Someone once told me that being a photographer is connecting with a time in the future while recognizing your past. I never understood that till recent years, when I’ve gotten to photograph old friends that were reintroduced into my life through my work. Many moons ago, I met Kayla when she was a classmate of my brother’s in high school. When she reached out to me about her wedding (a decade and change later!), I was not only touched, but sentimental for a time years ago. I knew instantly that the wedding would hold a special place in my heart. I knew Mal only through phone conversations, but in person it was as though I met him dozens of times before. (David Bowie fans always connect!)

Kevin and I of course were briefed on the day, and I knew that the DJ was going to share their love story. I don’t want to reveal too much, but its as quaint and as perfect as can be…and Kevin took over for a few, while I got a tissue from my camera bag because I was teary eyed. Despite, TOTALLY FRIGID temperatures Mal and Kayla braved the cold outdoors to do their first look. I know any photographers reading this are nodding their heads in thanks.

Cheers to Kayla & Mal, and all that life brings them! Thanks to their beautiful vendors who knocked it out of the park, and thanks to life for bringing people into your life again and again!

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