1) How big is the JuneLight PhotoBooth, how many people can fit in one image? Our PhotoBooth requires a minimum space of 8'x6' and must be within 50 feet of a three pronged outlet. Since our booth does not have any walls, you can cram as many people in one image as you like! 

2) What does the photo-booth attendant do? Our photo-booth attendants are laid back, kind and professional. They help guests navigate the booth and make sure that everything is running smoothly so you don't have to. They set up and break down the booth. Ideally, we like to arrive 35-45 minutes before you would like the booth up and running.

3)We love you! We want you to stay longer. Thank you! We are more than happy to stay later than the expected time, but require $200 per an additional hour that is not in the original contract. 

4) Can we have the booth outdoors? Absolutely! We love using the JuneLight PhotoBooth in different settings. It still has to be near an outlet, but we do have extension chords. The booth is not rain friendly, so last minute it may have to be moved indoors.

5) What are the steps in booking the JuneLight PhotoBooth? Fill out the form within 2 days you'll receive a response letting you know if the JuneLight PhotoBooth is available on your day and time. Emily will provide a list of backdrops, prop baskets and customizable digital display and printing options for you to choose from.