BBQ & Beaches

Its easy to assume that cloudy weather on a beach shoot means poor lighting---couldn't be further from the truth! Cloudy is always wonderful for portrait shoots and when you have a wonderful family to be around, the photos are guaranteed to be b-e-a-utiful. Special thanks to the Kowalchuk family for opening their home & hearts to me. Their love for each other is pretty apparent.

ALSO- Tavia owns Bliss Street Creamery in Queens, NY. Safe to say I'll be checking them out soon. #yestoicecream #yestocloudybeachdays

Calhoun Family

I remember years ago meeting the Calhoun Family when their youngest was celebrating their 2nd birthday. I can't believe that in a week I'll be photographing Madison who is now 6 months and Peyton who is three years old! I love being able to watch families grow, these are some of my favorites over the last year and change. 

This Cutie!

I met Caroline a few years before she was about to have this cutie! We worked together on her fashion blog in Dumbo. To be invited back into her home to photograph her newborn son, was truly special. I love these images---that face!!