Secret Garden, Forest Hills

I grew up in Forest Hills, but I rarely get to photograph there! There are parts of Forest Hills that truly feel like a special place that you are just fortunate to have stumbled upon. Especially during the winter months, the lighting is particularly beautiful. I love these images with this couple…soon to be three! Thank you Bavaro Family for taking a stroll with me and creating some really lovely moments.

Kayla & Mal

Someone once told me that being a photographer is connecting with a time in the future while recognizing your past. I never understood that till recent years, when I’ve gotten to photograph old friends that were reintroduced into my life through my work. Many moons ago, I met Kayla when she was a classmate of my brother’s in high school. When she reached out to me about her wedding (a decade and change later!), I was not only touched, but sentimental for a time years ago. I knew instantly that the wedding would hold a special place in my heart. I knew Mal only through phone conversations, but in person it was as though I met him dozens of times before. (David Bowie fans always connect!)

Kevin and I of course were briefed on the day, and I knew that the DJ was going to share their love story. I don’t want to reveal too much, but its as quaint and as perfect as can be…and Kevin took over for a few, while I got a tissue from my camera bag because I was teary eyed. Despite, TOTALLY FRIGID temperatures Mal and Kayla braved the cold outdoors to do their first look. I know any photographers reading this are nodding their heads in thanks.

Cheers to Kayla & Mal, and all that life brings them! Thanks to their beautiful vendors who knocked it out of the park, and thanks to life for bringing people into your life again and again!

Dj CazzNY Dennis Rigas Florals ButterCooky Bakery

Emily & Richard

Since moving to Los Angeles, and making my business bi-coastal, I knew that I had to be especially thoughtful in the clients I would take on. I met Emily and Richard briefly in Dumbo to discuss their wedding and instantly I knew there was an ease to their relationship that I was so drawn to. They were also the first couple whose wedding I photographed since getting married myself. This made the day especially emotional for me, even though I was just the photographer!

Hearing their family and closest friends speak about their relationship while in the backyard of Emily’s childhood home, made for one of the most intimate services I have photographed in the last 6 years of being a photographer. I am truly grateful for having been a witness to not only their love, but to the incredible support system they have to carry them through the best and worst of life. Cheers to them…and to Norfolk, Long Island (that sunset!)


Farm to Table DJ Spynfo Love Crush Beauty Harbor Homestead

Dreamy Foggy Elopement

I may have mentioned this...but I LOVE City Hall elopements. Add in a foggy day, the Brooklyn Bridge, and you have a very romantic beautiful session. I also love tourists! How could you not want to photograph these two?

Sleepy Autumn Day in Brooklyn

Cannot believe September is here...which means October is almost here....which means, its a great time for family portraits. You can't beat this time of year in NY. I love these photos of this very cute trio! Makes me so happy!

A rainy day in Park Slope

Ah, I really love rainy days...especially throughout NYC. There is something so romantic about the lighting and it always brings out the best in greenery. I love these two portraits of the Chiu family in Brooklyn.


Another Beautiful New York Elopement

There is something so magical about New York around the holidays. Trish and David braved the winter winds to elope in Central Park. We then spent the day photographing throughout the city. May we all take a moment and admire about beautiful this cape is! What a wonderful way to spend my Christmas Eve, so much love! Thank you Simply Eloped <3

Prospect Park!

I can't believe I haven't photographed here before! What a beautiful park, for a beautiful family in Brooklyn. I am so in love with this bridge and this light <3 

Central Park

I am loving this photos of the Mukherjee family! So candid, sweet and a perfect backdrop to boot. Every time I walk through Central Park, I fall in love with New York all over again!

BBQ & Beaches

Its easy to assume that cloudy weather on a beach shoot means poor lighting---couldn't be further from the truth! Cloudy is always wonderful for portrait shoots and when you have a wonderful family to be around, the photos are guaranteed to be b-e-a-utiful. Special thanks to the Kowalchuk family for opening their home & hearts to me. Their love for each other is pretty apparent.

ALSO- Tavia owns Bliss Street Creamery in Queens, NY. Safe to say I'll be checking them out soon. #yestoicecream #yestocloudybeachdays

Calhoun Family

I remember years ago meeting the Calhoun Family when their youngest was celebrating their 2nd birthday. I can't believe that in a week I'll be photographing Madison who is now 6 months and Peyton who is three years old! I love being able to watch families grow, these are some of my favorites over the last year and change. 

This Cutie!

I met Caroline a few years before she was about to have this cutie! We worked together on her fashion blog in Dumbo. To be invited back into her home to photograph her newborn son, was truly special. I love these images---that face!!