story of junelight

Junelight Photography was started in June 2016 by documentary and editorial photographer Emily Frances. After years of doing family photography 'on the side' she decided to create a separate company that specializes in capturing these moments candidly, thoughtfully and beautifully. With her background in photojournalism, she strives to create images that are true to her subject, while using natural light that captures people and places in how wonderful they already are.  Junelight is based in NYC and Los Angeles, though the team has traveled far and wide. Emily met Kevin in late 2017 at a wedding she was photographing, and he was video-ing. The pair teamed up for several shoots throughout the year and together they now work on both coasts of the states helping capture happy, intimate moments.

                About Emily Frances, Founder & Photographer

Emily graduated Drexel University 2012 in Philadelphia with a bachelors of science in Photography. Starting in the darkroom, Emily learned how photography is a balance of patience, technical craft and of course, magic. Emily Frances's editorial and documentary work has been published by companies such as American Express, Reebok, Ritz Carlton and Maybelline


                     About Kevin Wade, Photographer

Kevin is a photographer based in NYC specializing in event and portrait photography. He has honed his craft through diverse collaborations with creatives and skilled photographers in their respected fields. He aims to capture stories by allowing the scene to unfold naturally. When not writing about himself in the third person, Kevin runs many miles and is fueled by copious amounts of burritos and coffee.  Some of his publications include Editor at Large, Bossed Up and Noa Mar.